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President JF. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe

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Holy god. Perfection.

He FUCKING ruined her life wtf don’t glorify this shitty dude that treated her as a fucking blow up doll

^ if this is true, she allowed it. & she gets glory from idk what. But I wish I’d stop.

Look up her biography, it’s not about allowing it he lied to her, and gave her a lot of false hope, she was already very troubled, having a history if mental illness and abandonment issues. He pretty much was straw that broke the camels back. The Kennedy’s were not as great as people thought

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Adrian Cardoso, Alex Pierce, Cristi Isofii, Gabriel Shinel, Marin and Vitan com peças Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Raf Simons, Dolce & Gabbana and Saint Laurent para o editorial “Attack Art” da mais recente edição da revista Fucking Young!

Fotografias de Luca Finotti.

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